How to maintain a clean engine

There are plenty of reasons why you should keep your engine clean, it removes all grease and grime from the engine which will obviously make it work better and last longer. Grease and grime can also keep your car hotter than it has to be, so cleaning your car’s engine will help keep it running cooler. Below are five ways to keep your engine clean.

A friend of mine asked me to clean a mini engine a few years back and doing it before I had learned the correct process was a nightmare.

The engine utilises the air to burn the fuel in the combustion chambers, therefore it is vital that you regularly check your vehicle’s air filters as they need a continuous stream of air to run efficiently. With the exception of fuel, air is a fundamental component in charging the car engine with energy.

Keeping your engine clean is really important, to do this you need good engine oil and regular changes of engine oils are vital. Engine oil prevents them from overheating and reducing wear and tear it does this by lubricating the essential engine part. By lengthening the oil changing intervals too much, you can seriously damage your engine.

Frequent tunings of the engine’s carburettors is necessary in keeping your engine clean. Its also best to change the spark plugs and check the cables, ignition wires, caps and rotors.

The fuel filters play an important role in ensuring clean fuel injection into the engine. Fuel filters stop any substances or undesirable particles from forming, which can be destructive to the engine.

You should check the engines cooling system as it helps it to maintain its internal temperatures and transfer excessive heat out of the engine. The cooling system contains different parts, such as the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant.

You should not leave the cooling system unattended every time when you plan a long journey.

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